Kraig  Kleeman

Kraig Kleeman

Kraig Kleeman was the founder and CEO of Express Direct, a technology company that sold digital pre-press solutions for high-end graphics designers. Kraig and his management team grew the company from $0 – $25 million annual revenue in less than four years. During that rapid growth period, Kraig had responsibility for 25 professional sellers who completed more than 1 million sales presentations under his care. It was during this critical time of need to validate the plan and exceed corporate growth expectations that Kraig developed The Must-React System, the world’s most predictable and efficient selling methodology. In the past seven years Kraig has maintained a global sales transformation consulting practice. During his tenure as a Global Sales Strategist, Kraig has documented the findings of 25,000 distinct sales presentations across 46 different professional sales organizations. The results of Kraig’s research is remarkable. Kraig is a featured speaker at numerous high profile events. Kraig has had the pleasure of speaking on panels / forums with President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Silicon Valley Guru Guy Kawasaki, and others.