Bob  Anderson

Bob Anderson

Bob is the founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, LLC. Bob is the creator and author of The Leadership Circle Profile, an integrated and innovative leadership development tool being used by companies worldwide. The Leadership Circle Profile is being heralded as a genuine breakthrough in the field of leadership development and Bob’s leading-edge research has put him at the forefront of the leadership development conversation worldwide. In 2009 Bob Anderson became one of the founders of The Full Circle Group; a premier leadership and organizational development consulting company. The Full Circle Group offers organizational consulting services rooted in TLC frameworks, philosophy, and a holistic approach to furthering leadership development. Bob’s dedication to visionary and innovative leadership was cultivated early in his life. He ran intensive personal development retreats in high school and college before receiving his BS in Economics and Business Administration from John Carroll University. He completed a Master’s degree in Organizational Development while working as a manager in a manufacturing business. He then took a position as the Director of Organizational Development for St Charles Hospital in his home town of Toledo, Ohio. Bob founded The Leadership Circle (formerly SoulWorks) in 1986. His personal success derives from his gift as an extraordinary teacher, taking complex ideas and integrating them into models and methods for leadership development that offer powerful, tangible and accessible results for his clients. Bob’s practical wisdom, humility, creativity, humor and expertise combine to offer a rare and transformative experience for his clients. Operating at the forefront of leadership research, The Leadership Circle explores the intersection between leadership mastery and personal mastery, between competence and consciousness. Bob has been happily married for 31 years and is the father of three.