Owen “Skip”  McOmber

Owen “Skip” McOmber

A proactive law enforcement professional for over 16 years. Working with extensive experience in patrol operations, various detective assignments, officer training and high level (Chief of Police) staff positions, including being assigned to the 1984 Olympics for anti-terrorist response as a member of special LAPD Counter Assault Team (Automatic Weapons Squad). Other responsibilities within the law enforcement included coordinating all manpower and response plans for large events occurring in the city, updating standing plans for riots, major civil disturbances and natural disasters as well as provided liaison with LAPD Metropolitan Division and the US Secret Service for dignitary protection requiring LAPD personnel re-deployment.

From 1981 – 1994 Owen served as the highest rank in the Los Angeles Police Department as a Patrol Sergeant, Detective I.

As to why you are interested in the Marilyn Monroe case?

The Monroe case has intrigued me for decades. Too many unanswered questions and rumors from fellow Detectives. As a former Homicide Detective, an opportunity to take another look at this case is compelling.