Elizabeth Summers

Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers, Esoteric Numerologer and Medium provides practical information by combining the ancient tools of Western and Chaldean Number interpretations, Tarot and Astrology in all her readings. Focusing on bringing clarity to her client’s human journey both in the now and the bigger blueprint of this incarnation, Elizabeth Summers’ expertise combined with a touch of humor, puts client lives into perspective. Esoteric Numerologer Elizabeth Summers is adept at interpreting an ancient system of codes based on the Pythagorean System, today known as Western Numerology. In addition, combining Astrology, the ancient Chaldean Numerology codes with the Quabala interpretations of the Tarot, Elizabeth Summers adds depth of interpretation to all her personal readings. Decoding an individual’s temperament and personality, their attitude towards life, emotional reactions, best career choices, deepest desires, and their general lifetime issues are empowering encouraging a successful human experience. Her Numerology columns are published in print magazines nationwide as well as in Internet publications.