Jenn  Gotzon

Jenn Gotzon

Jenn Gotzon’s career launched with her portraying Tricia Nixon, the President’s daughter, in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated “Frost/Nixon”. Since then, Jenn’s become an American leading lady in uplifting and redemptive films. Film Advisory Board’s “2013 Award of Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World” was given to Jenn Gotzon last year for her performance in “Doonby”. Jenn encourages viewers to know that they, like the characters she plays on‐screen, can overcome life’s obstacles and adversities. Gotzon is passionate about playing protagonist roles that explore the complexity of the human condition who, in the climax of the film, experience a revelation of truth and hope leading ultimately to redemption. Gotzon, “who is compared to a young Meryl Streep for her chameleon-like transformations,” stated by Valley Social Magazine, uses the movies she stars in as a platform to make a positive impact in culture and inspire audiences.