Richard  White

Richard White

This week on "The Fame Game with MaddieRose," we welcome Richard White, a Veteran of Foreign War, to the show! Being born in the late 1920's Richard grew up in a time where things were different. After being drafted in the military his life changed dramatically. He completed many tours, traveling all over the world, and then retired at Portland Oregon in the rank of Major in January 1972. He has many stories to tell and we are so glad he has taken some time to tell us more about his journey. Also with this show, we are promoting the Spring Break Party featuring MaddieRose this March 15th benefiting Veterans and Family Services. To wrap it up Maddie has a little chat session discussing the Grammies and SuperBowl XLIX, which was right here in her backyard, well Glendale, AZ that is. Check it out and don't miss this brand new episode with a brand new featured song of the week! Guest Bio: Born March 15, 1928 in Michigan City, Indiana as the first child of Earl and Angeline White. Later in life, Richard won a tuition scholarship to the University of Michigan and was able to work his way through school by summer and vacation jobs, bussing dishes in the dormitory dining hall and miscellaneous jobs such as raking leaves, selling programs and joining the National Guard.. In 1950 he received his BBA with the first graduating class from the newly constructed Business School. With the Draft Board, which had set his name aside-except for sending him in for a pre-induction physical, while he was in college was now breathing down his neck since the Korean War was in full swings. Deciding to shop for the best deal he visited all the recruiting offices and decided on the Army-getting a small “bump” due to the Guard time. Richard enlisted as a Private in December 1951.