Johnny  Kim

Johnny Kim

Johnny Kim is President and CEO of Glamourocke Entertainment. He is an entrepreneur, a film producer, a TV Producer and a music producer. He appeared briefly with Jim Carrey on Entertainment Tonight, while Carrey was promoting his new movie "Ace Ventura." He also appeared briefly on a feature film produced by Warner Brothers called "Outbreak," in which he played a Korean Seaman. In 1995, he portrayed a Korean newscaster in the mega hit movie "Independence Day" starring Will Smith, and directed by Roland Emmerich. Since then, he has worked on numerous film productions, mostly behind the scenes, including a significant stint on McDonald’s national television commercials. Johnny also financed and produced an original feature film that he created and wrote, called Raspberry and Lavender The Lavender Girl. He is presently working on a sequel to this film. Nowadays, he is into the promotion of high-end luxury vehicles and homes.