Gabriella  Cortez

Gabriella Cortez

Gabriella Cortez is 12 years old and attends an all girls’ middle school in Dallas, Texas. She is the only child of two professionals, one of which is the show’s host who works in the human capital industry and the other who is employed in finance. Without siblings, she has spent the majority of her life around adults and has thus adopted a mature personality and perspective. Her favorite subjects in school are math and technology, which focuses on basic skills like typing and the fundamentals of internet etiquette. Her non academic interests include cooking, piano, and tennis. Having taken the Gallup’s Strengths Explorer assessment for youth aged 10-13 with her mother, her budding strengths are Achiever, Caring, and Responsibility. She has her own cooking blog called Gabi’s Gastronomy on Tumblr and currently aspires to be a chef, though is also interested in leveraging her strong abilities in math as a work focus as well.