Jaya  Devi

Jaya Devi

Jaya Devi has a PH.D. in Sanskrit. Originally from Belgium she found her spiritual home in India as a disciple of Sri Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji, the founder-director of the JIVA Institute of Vaishnava studies in Vrindavan, U.P. India. For the past ten years she has been secretary of the JIVA institute where she manages the library, coordinates seminars, cultural activities and runs inspirational workshops and projects for women in India and Europe. Even though strongly drawn to Indian culture, she was unable to except the common beliefs about women, questioning whether they were actually rooted in Vedic teachings. Her book “From Taj to Vraj” reveals the feminine nature of the soul and its relationship with the Divine. In the book her philosophy comes to life as she shares her personal journey where she found the true meaning of love and happiness. Her inspiration is to facilitate modern women in honoring feminine spiritual qualities and in recognizing their inner strengths as women.