Raven Wi'  Siegrist

Raven Wi' Siegrist

Raven Wi’ began her career in massage, Reiki, crystal healing, kinesiology, iridology, ear candling and herbals in the 80's before she moved to Alaska in 1989. She had a private practice through the mid-2000's. Then her focus shifted to a more esoteric path embracing her Native roots as she traveled across Alaska, the western Yukon Territory, Washington State, parts of Australia and the Dakotas learning and teaching women the ancient Moon Mysteries. Another aspect of working with women to explore the deep feminine, has been teaching Middle Eastern dance, which an Arab woman taught her when she was 16. Dance teaches women to be proud of who they are no matter their age, physical condition, ethnic or religious background or financial status. Middle Eastern dance brings out a deep appreciation and love of who they are, states Raven. Along with several creative endeavors, such as Native beadwork, sewing, leather design and making jewelry, she is an author of several books, both for children and adults. She is also an award winning collage artist best known for her realistic scenic art. Visit her website at: www.ravenwicreations.com Email: ravenwi@mtaonline.net