Alex  Garrison

Alex Garrison

Founder of TAG The Alexander Group

Alex is a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, former International Security Consultant, Small Business owner, developer and consultant. He is the Founder of TAG The Alexander Group, a highly successful and private alternative program for alcohol and drug abuse. TAG became a reality, after two years of extensive research, because of a death bed promise to a long time security consultant associate who had died from alcohol abuse after three unsuccessful attempts at treatment. This individual was the third associate who had chosen the path of self abuse. All these men were well educated and highly specialized in their fields. In its simplest form TAG gives people the tools to design a life, respect themselves and their abilities, and reach potential they never thought possible. In other words, TAG excels in getting in touch with the importance of dreams, plans and goals and restores meaning and purpose to an individual’s life. To reach Alex, send an email to