Dr. Martha  Clokie

Dr. Martha Clokie

I obtained a BSc in Biology from Dundee University in 1996 an MSc in Biodiversity from Edinburgh University in 1997, and a PhD from Leicester in Molecular Ecology in 2001. I then did 6 years of Post-Doctoral research at the University of Warwick and in Scripps, La Jolla, San Diego. In 2007 I was appointed as a lecturer at Leicester, in 2011 a Reader and this year I was promoted to Professor in Microbiology. My research focuses on phages that infect bacterial pathogens of medical relevance and I have published 41 papers in this area. My major focus has been on Clostridium difficile where I have isolated a large phage collection. In vitro and in vivo data has shown that the viruses have therapeutic potential. I have filed a patent on these phages and am working with AmpliPhi to develop a product. I have had regular contact with the BBC and other media to talk about my work, and other phage projects, and have consulted to Science museum, London and Eden Project, UK to advise on bacteriophage displays.