Bradfield has spent a lifetime pursuing his artistic vision, striving to capture what he refers to as "fleeting glimpses of beauty", ephemeral moments of connection to Divine Source. With 27 albums of 'Music of the Soul' and 2 audiobooks, he draws inspiration from everything that makes a heartfelt, profound impression. Writing in a variety of musical genres from new age relaxation to theatrical symphonic productions, he is perhaps best known as the creator and producer of spiritual songstress Anael. Bradfield's melodic, lyrical compositions have been attributed by Shelley Yates (Fire the Grid) as holding embedded tones to aid in the ascension of humanity to the next paradigm. Aspiring to raise the collective consciousness while granting unfettered expression to his creative muse, Bradfield is a devoted advocate of the purity of intention, relying predominately on his intuition to steer us ever closer toward the Light.