Trudi  Sigfusson

Trudi Sigfusson

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? What if you could change your money flow allowing more money to flow in than currently flows out? What about your career and relationships – what if you knew you could change the impossible? Trudi Sigfusson is an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator and Practitioner, teacher, speaker, author and “Instigator of Change” who always knew there was more in this world than what meets the eye. Through powerful questions, deep inquiry and heartfelt presence, she has the ability to look at life, be the allowance to change the energy and assist people to create a life of phenomenance from a position they may have never chosen. YES, she is an instigator of possibilities! To learn more about Trudi - check out her website at and to learn more about Access Consciousness visit