Marilyn  Lash

Marilyn Lash

Marilyn Lash, MSW knows about brain injury from both sides, personally and professionally. As a sibling and spouse of a family member with a brain injury, she has experienced the full emotional trauma ranging from gratitude to grief over a survivor’s lifetime. With a special interest in supporting and educating families, her professional work started as a social worker in rehabilitation programs, moved to program development in the community, progressed to research on family adaptation after traumatic injuries, and now includes supporting caregivers of combat veterans. As founder and President of Lash and Associates Publishing/Training, she develops user-friendly and practical information and training for families, survivors, and providers. She holds faculty appointments at Tufts University School of Medicine and George Washington University and has over 50 publications on the psychosocial impact of traumatic brain injury. For her extensive publications, go to