Dr. Mark  Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston is widely regarded as a “People Hacker.” He started out as a crisis psychiatrist specializing in suicide intervention, then a death and dying expert doing house calls to dying founders/CEO’s and their families, then an FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer, then advisor to attorneys in high profile trials (i.e O.J. Simpson criminal trial) and currently serves as a confidante and advisor to entrepreneurs, founders and CEO’s who helps them see into their futures.
In this presentation… no, in this performance, Dr. Mark Goulston will not play, but will be Steve Jobs coming back from the grave to describe his return to Apple in 1997 through the release of the iPhone in 2017 and Jobs’ thinking behind what he noticed and did. Jobs’ thinking was captured by Matt Weinberger in Business Insider article, “How Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster and led it to rule the world in 39 Photos.”