Carol  Cudjoe

Carol Cudjoe

NuLook was founded in 1996 and has been a great influence to many young people of Central Florida through dynamic dance productions, dance classes and inspiring workshops. Trinidad and Tobago born, Carol has achieved a distinctive career in the area of performing arts. Her accolades include NuLook gracing the cover of The Urban Jamm Convention publication; voted Community Leaders by Star 94.5 radio; a member of Who's Who Black Women's – Washington edition.; highlighted in the Mark II Dinner Theater publication for her works in the astounding play "Zarabi", and a full repertoire of her own. Carol started dancing at age 6 with the Les Enfant Dance Company under the leadership of Joyce Kirten. She was trained in Jazz, Ballet, Modern (Horton and Graham technique) and Caribbean folkloric. She traveled extensively with Les Enfant as she rose from dancer to lead and then to choreographer. She has been privileged to train with masters like Wilfred Mark, Peter London, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Astor Johnson, Noble Douglas to name a few. As a celebration of her work and choreography, Carol was awarded the "2009 Educator of the Year" - Co. Dance Convention. Carol's honesty and frankness to her students brings out the strength and passion that lies within her dancers. She is known for her demanding teaching style, yet also known to be a caring artist who seeks the best for herself and others..... The music rolls and the dance flows! Awaken your spirit and experience a place where dance, music and spirituality magically stimulates, excites and soothes your soul, while maintaining a unique quality that is pure culture... Carol is an integral part of keeping the performing arts and entertainment vibrant in the Central Florida area. She is dedicated to the community and viewed as a leader of the arts. In addition to NuLook School of Performing Arts she is launching her newest project "Shades – A Dance Company". Stay Tune