Romily Newman

Inspired by the Food Network, Romilly taught herself how to cook at the age of 10. At 11 Romilly started a food blog called “Little Girl in the Kitchen.” That same year, she was invited onto the CBS “Early Show” as well as the show “Foodography” on Food Network. In 2012 Romilly spoke at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce’s “From Farm to Fork” event along with Marcus Samuelsson for the King and Queen of Sweden. Romilly also appeared on the Food Network’s hit show, Chopped, earlier that year. At 14, Romilly traveled to Morocco which acted as a great source of inspiration. Romilly now prides herself on incorporating Moroccan flavors and concepts in her own cooking and educating others on the art of Middle Eastern cuisine. In 2013, Romilly was written about in New York Magazine as one of the “Teen Chefs With Adult Tastes- and Ambition.” This past fall, Romilly appeared on the Today Show promoting a Teen Vogue article titled “Generation Foodie” in which she was featured. She resides in New York City.