The Hon. Paul  Hellyer

The Hon. Paul Hellyer

As the former Minister of National Defence, the Hon. Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and controversial politicians. He is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. In September 2005, Paul Hellyer became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.” In his most recent book, The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis, Paul Hellyer analyzes what he believes has gone wrong with the world and its economy and suggests radical measures to introduce a universal culture of peace and cooperation. These radical measures include pulling the lid off of more than 65 years of government lies and cover-ups regarding the presence of extraterrestrial visitors and the availability of their advanced technology.