Akin  Oladipo

Akin Oladipo

Akin Oladipo is a highly motivated individual whose personal belief rests in creating value. He believes that the purpose of each individual is to add value to everything and everyone in his or her environment. Presently an MBA candidate at Baylor University, he was previously an Operations Officer in Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria, starting as a teller and later heading the customer service unit of a branch. He achieved the highest rating in the bank and won an award for the Most Focused Transaction Officer. He also led a team of transaction officers across three states in Nigeria. Prior to that, he worked as an Accounts officer in Oshodi Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria where he performed outstandingly and was personally referred by the Local Government Chairman. For Akin, the most important question is ‘Why?’. Arnold loves digging deep into issues and seeing beyond the surface. He is regarded as an insightful person who sees things other people will overlook.