Mary Jane  Popp

Mary Jane Popp

More than well-educated and articulate, Mary Jane Popp is a thinking self-motivated Woman whose skills and professionalism will take her rocketing into the new Millennium. Her entertainment background has given her the ability to communicate with the masses, yet maintain a one-on-one relationship. She can give you the inside track on the famous and the infamous. She has anchored the Prime Time News on two coasts. She has been a reporter on Features from Bungee jumping to Hurricanes. She has produced and anchored her own Radio and TV Talk Programs interviewing the likes of Nancy Reagan and Roslyn Carter to Rock Hudson and Joan Collins….from gossip Columnist Liz Smith to Fashion Mogul Mr. Blackwell. She possesses the knack to influence and inspire others by delivering old material in a new and exciting fashion. She can be aggressive when called for. She can be a caring shoulder when needed. She can reach into the deepest psyche and separate truth from fiction. She has written, produced and voiced hundreds of Radio and TV commercials, and she writes for many periodicals on a myriad of topics. She writes “The Poppoff Report” a stimulating column from celebs to lifestyle. She has produced and Co-Hosted a business magazine TV program called “Resource Sacramento”. But her passion is the fastest growing new Radio concept “POPPOFF” which she both Produces and Hosts. “POPPOFF” is a fast moving Radio Magazine show with topics from health and politics to relationships and Hollywood entertainment. It is different in that each segment is introduced with appropriate music to stimulate the mind. Mary Jane is also co-author of the nationally acclaimed book “Marilyn, Joe and Me” with the niece of Joe DiMaggio…June DiMaggio on the life and times of the star-crossed lovers.