Kevin Turner, M.A

Kevin Turner, M.A., is the Director for Asia, a teaching faculty member, and a field research associate for The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). After years of study with yogis, monks and lamas in India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan, Kevin met Michael Harner in 1997 and began his shamanic path. Kevin has worked with shamans in Mongolia, Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, and Mexico. In 2007, in a bit of a turn around, he was invited to Mexico to train a group of Mayan Elders in psychopomp work (assisting those who did not transition well to the afterlife states). He publishes his research into Mongolian shamanism in the annual Shamanism journal, and does regular presentations at the annual FSS Council Meetings. Kevin is also a facilitator at The Monroe Institute and practices remote viewing (which is clairvoyance under a scientific protocol). Kevin currently has a shamanic healing practice in Bali, Indonesia, Taipei, Taiwan, and Kyoto, Japan.