Bunny  DeBarge

Bunny DeBarge

Born Etterlene DeBarge, Bunny is best known as the lone female sibling of the Motown family group, DeBarge. She is the lead vocalist behind the classic R&B ballad, "A Dream," from the group's "In A Special Way" album. Bunny has written and co-written many hits with her brothers; as well as produced and co-produced many hits with her brother, El DeBarge, most notably the group's 1982 breakthrough hits, "I Like It" and the number-one hit, "Time Will Reveal." Bunny unselfishly gives the details of the roller coaster ride and price of fame in the newly reedited editions of her books, The Kept Ones Volume I and Volume 2, in which she details the definitive story of the DeBarge family, from their spectacular rise to the top of R & B music royalty, their fall from grace, to their reemerging careers. In addition, Bunny is set to release a dynamic new music album entitled, Renewal. She is also embarking on a nationwide motivational speaking tour aptly called the "Walk It Out" Tour.