Mary  Lawrence

Mary Lawrence

Mary Lawrence is the President and CEO of Cornucopia Cancer Support Center in Durham NC and a certified NLP Life Coach. Ms. Lawrence was appointed President and CEO of Cornucopia Cancer Support Center in April 2008. She relocated from the Chicago area, where she served as founding managing director of Wisdom Bridge Coaching, LLC, and held CEO positions at both a youth mentoring organization and a 20,000 member international grassroots organization that promoted breastfeeding through mother-to-mother support. She also served as Deputy Director of a $32 million USAID project where she advised ministries of health and NGO’s in developing countries on maternal and infant health initiatives abroad. Lawrence is known for her vision, energy, and ability to tell the compelling stories of the charitable causes that she’s led. Her success as an executive and entrepreneur has helped organizations achieve unprecedented growth, credibility and noteworthy milestones. Lawrence has earned special recognitions for her leadership and the outcomes she has achieved as a business owner and a nonprofit executive. Personally aware of the cancer journey through experiences shared by close family members, Lawrence identifies with the importance of Cornucopia’s mission: to be a place where anyone touched by cancer can find support and resources to live life to the fullest. Under Lawrence’s leadership, the organization has doubled its revenues, expanded its programs and services, and launched a pioneering live radio program called “That Cancer Show”, now in its third year of broadcasting. Mary has three children and four grandsons. She enjoys writing, reading, cooking and gardening.