Fiona  Orr

Fiona Orr

As part of a plan to sell more Girl Scout Cookies when she was 13 years old, Fiona Orr began her life-long love of studying success and motivation, from people like Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robins. She honed her expert coaching and training skills running a chain of 12 successful restaurants, creating multiple successful businesses and leading a top-ranked women’s roller derby team to several championships. She uses lessons learned from her experiences to infuse high-octane energy, fun and inspired action into her transformational mindset coaching. As the creator of the Magical Manifestation Formula, Tapping for Intention and The Epic Stance, Fiona is an accomplished EPIC Life and Success Coach, motivating people to step through their fears and release their limiting beliefs to create an extraordinary life that they love filled with energy, enthusiasm and kick-ass confidence! Fiona is an authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach, a QSCA certified Law of Attraction Coach and a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Married in 1998, Fiona and her husband Glen, live in Dallas and enjoy the pursuit of self-improvement, playing sports and traveling. Over the past few years, they have fostered 26 kittens, saving them from shelters and finding them loving homes.