Julie Sara  Kramer

Julie Sara Kramer

Julie Sara Kramer, is a sought after speaker, author and coach. With a background that spans over 30 years, Ms. Kramer excels in coaching individuals through rapid change. She is both a life coach and an executive transition coach who has placed hundreds of C-level, Vice President and Director Level executives to new opportunities at both Fortune 500 companies and Start-ups. Ms. Kramer’s credentials include 30 years as an Executive Search Consultant for retained search firms, venture incubators, and leading edge companies as well as work as a Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Counselor. She has completed the Coaches Training Institute program, holds a Master’s degree in Value Conflicts, from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Her experience as a hospice chaplain gives her a background for providing emotional support to people in crisis, loss and transition. From this, she has created an original program which offers a new roadmap for transformation for those in transition.