Linda  Greer

Linda Greer

Linda Greer is director of NRDC's health and environment program. Since joining NRDC in 1981, she has concentrated on toxic chemicals in air, water, food, shelter and consumer products. In recent years, Linda has spearheaded NRDC’s international environmental health work, first conducting a mercury use inventory in China and then launching an initiative calling on multinational corporations to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of factories in their supply chain there. Linda also works on NRDC's global mercury pollution initiative to reduce the use and release of mercury into the environment through sharp reductions in the United States and negotiations of a globally binding internationally treaty in the United Nations. Linda currently sits on the National Academy of Science’s Board of Environmental Studies and Toxicology. She has a B.S. in biology from Tufts University, an M.S.P.H. in environmental science and engineering from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. in environmental toxicology from the University of Maryland.