Norvel  Lassere

Norvel Lassere

Norvel Lassere of LaPlace, Louisiana, is a global entrepreneur, and an emerging billionaire. He is the co creator of Lasserre Liqueur Au Cognac, a very smooth tasting cognac, produced by Lasserre International LLC, Cognac, France, where he is co owner. He is also Owner of Limitless Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity Inc., a New Orleans-based Company. Norvel, easily a classic case study in the new generation of stunningly brilliant global entrepreneurs, is the incomparably imaginative co-creator of this very smooth tasting young cognac, blended with spices and secrets. Lasserre Liqueur Au Cognac is officially a product of France, and imported to Louisiana in the United States by Global Entrepreneur, Norvel Lassere.