Michael  Leach

Michael Leach

Michael Leach’s life is an inspirational lesson on the importance of FAITH in God, hard work, perseverance, and courage. Michael Leach is currently the Labor Operations Coordinator for the National Football League working in the league’s Management Council. Prior to joining the NFL Headquarters, he served as the Assistant to Head Coach for the Chicago Bears for 3 years. Growing up in Chicago, he always dreamed of working in professional sports. Though he lacked the natural athletic gifts of many of his peers, through hard work, parental encouragement, and discipline, he achieved his dream, and continues to dream for even greater heights. Michael is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and St. Thomas University where he received his Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Sports Management and Sports Administration respectively. Before conferring his Master’s degree he was selected from hundreds of applicants to work for the Miami Dolphins as a Media Relations and Football Operations Assistant for the team’s flagship Assistantship Program. While his ongoing journey in professional sports keeps him busy in-season, he dedicates his off-season to serve and help others realize their potential, believe in their dreams, and teaches on the power that our daily “choices” in life can have. A servant leader at heart, Michael engages with other leaders and people across various platforms and industries on how to better serve and add value to others while achieving future goals. Michael is a networking and relationship building expert and consults with people of all ages and backgrounds on how to live a life of purpose. He shares his daily words of encouragement and humbling successes in life to his countless following through his social network and encourages people to: RISK more than others think is safe. CARE more than others think is wise. DREAM more than others think is practical. EXPECT more than others think is possible