Dr. Peter Glick

Peter Glick is the Henry Merrritt Wriston Professor in the Social Sciences at Lawrence University. His research challenges conventional wisdom by revealing how apparently favorable beliefs about women and minorities can fuel harmful discrimination. In collaboration with Susan Fiske (Princeton), he developed ambivalent sexism theory, winning the 1995 Gordon Allport Award for best paper in intergroup relations. Since then, research in over 50 nations has demonstrated that “benevolent sexism” contributes to gender inequality and undermines women at work. The warmth-competence model by Fiske, Amy Cuddy (Harvard), and Glick was recognized as a “breakthrough idea for 2009” by the Harvard Business Review. As an expert witness, he has testified in Federal Court in Boston and Chicago. In addition to more than 70 articles and chapters, Dr. Glick has co-edited or co-authored three books, including the SAGE Handbook of Prejudice and The Social Psychology of Gender.