Wendy  Kennedy

Wendy Kennedy

Wendy has been channeling for nearly 20 years now, working with a variety of beings from different star systems and dimensions. In the early ’90s she began having visions. Like most people, She didn't fully understand what she was experiencing. She began doing research and along the way she came across channeling. She didn't really know what it was, and she certainly didn't know anyone who did it. She just knew what she was supposed to do it. She read what she could on the topic and worked with the exercises in the few books she could find. She had her first breakthrough about a year after she began with automatic writing. She met her own angelic guides and a few other wonderful celestial beings. The automatic writing morphed into verbal channeling which you will find samples of on this site. She still channels in written form for herself today as the information can often be difficult to remember. It’s a bit like a lucid dream that fades. Today she channels for clients around the world doing both private and group sessions. She is continuing to expand the lecture series that the Pleiadians have asked me to facilitate and am looking forward to the next leg of this journey.