Elizabeth  Kuhnke

Elizabeth Kuhnke

Elizabeth Kuhnke sees herself as a “diamond polisher”. She works with talented individuals who, with a bit of smoothing, sharpening, and shaping reveal their true brilliance. Her three-pronged approach to client development is based on demonstrating respect, establishing rapport, and producing results. An international conference speaker, best-selling author, and qualified coach, Elizabeth believes that dogged determination, combined with a healthy dose of fun, is vital for success. For over twenty years, Elizabeth has nourished a steady stream of FTSE 100 companies, professional services, and charities, providing one-to-one and group coaching in key areas relating to interpersonal communication, personal impact, and executive presence. Whether international sports stars, CEOs of global corporations, or graduates on the career path, her clients’ concerns are around connecting with their audience and presenting themselves clearly, confidently, and credibly. Elizabeth’s combination of advanced degrees, a career in the performing arts, expertise in administering psychometric instruments and a passion for personal best are some of the reasons clients turn to her for support. She’s been compared to an Olympic athlete who never gives up, equated to a pit bull because she never lets go, and likened to a radiator because she generates warmth. She is often quoted in the media addressing issues concerning confidence, image, voice, body language, and public speaking skills. Her international best-selling book, Body Language for Dummies, is available at bookstores and Amazon. It is currently published in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and The Netherlands