Daryl “Dogman”  Young

Daryl “Dogman” Young

Daryl “Dogman” Young celebrates over 40 years of service in the dog training industry as the Owner of “K9 Basic School of Dog Training”! He has been working with dogs since the age of 10 as a kennel boy in Oakland, California, and has loved every minute of it. He loves dogs and he loves his job allotting him the drive to continually seek new and better ways to train dogs professionally. The K9 Basic School specializes in training protection dogs and family pets. Their approach is simple as they tailor their training program to suit every owner and their dog’s needs. After careful examination of the dogs breed, age, sex, and temperament a program is specifically then designed to fit their needs. Internationally worldwide, Daryl “Dogman” Young has extensive experience in working with dogs of celebrities and high profile clients. Whether working with protection dogs or family dogs Daryl “Dogman” Young of “K9 Basic School of Dog Training” is the one to contact at: purepitt@aol.com