John  Clarity

John Clarity

John Clarity, a long-time resident of Southern California shares his incredible art in his own words. "This stone stacking is much more than visual/installation art - For me it is a Zen Meditation Practice - A process of bringing conscious focus to the already present magic and magnetism of the Earth's electromagnetic pull - The Earth - gently pulling everything and everyone in for a group hug - I began stacking stones more than ten years ago - in places that felt especially sacred to me - up and down the Pacific Coast - In Forests - Deserts - River Banks - Streams and Creeks: Strong Energy Vortices that call me to be present and direct focussed attention to participate in and cooperate with the already powerful energy (QI/KI/CHI) - These structures have a similar quality of impermanence as Mandalas - which are painstakingly created - and released to the wind/waves/elements - - - And whether they remain standing or are wiped away - one can/must only be fully present with exactly what is - - - Here today - possibly gone tomorrow - to be created again and again - In addition to the visual and meditative aspects of this practice the vortex magnetizes unique souls who vibrate at similar frequencies - sometimes fro all around the world - and the sharing of elevated consciousness creates an energy exchange that transcends the gravity and levity of the stone structures - I have been working exclusively at Zuma/Trancas Creek in Malibu for the past two years - as I feel a very strong pull (no pun intended) in this particular location." John Clarity found on Facebook