Will  Sarni

Will Sarni

Practice Leader, Enterprise Water Strategy|Sustainability Deloitte Consulting LLP

Will Sarni provides environmental and sustainability consulting services to private- and public-sector enterprises with a focus on developing and implementing corporate-wide sustainability and water strategies. He has managed projects in North America, Europe and Asia, advising some of the world’s most recognizable companies and NGOs. Sarni has worked with a range of companies, university technology transfer offices and startups to evaluate the technical viability and market potential of innovative water technologies and in supporting M&A programs. He is the author of “Corporate Water Strategies” (Earthscan 2011, and in Chinese by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press 2013); “Water Tech–A Guide to Innovation Investment, and Business Opportunities in the Water Sector” (Routledge 2013); and is working on “21st Century Growth: Beyond the Energy–Water–Food Nexus” (Dō Sustainability 2015).