Kimberly  Todd-Tullos

Kimberly Todd-Tullos

Kimberly Todd-Tullos grew up in a small town called Lanesborough, MA and later moved to Pittsfield. She attended college in Boston. As Kimberly looks at the landscape of her life she can see the gifts and the challenges that came with each transition, each transplant of herself in time and location. Her mother, a single mom raising 3 children in the 60s, was a very positive influence and challenged Kimberly to see beyond where she was, and to dream where she wanted to be. Pittsfield and later Boston awakened the question, “Who am I?” and the search was on. She moved to Los Angeles in 1985 and far from all that was familiar. This was a defining time to discover the Kimberly beyond simple geography. She loves to read, journal, sing in the choir, and dance in her own zone on the dance floor. Ms. Tullos is an artist and loves to create greeting cards that speak to the essence of the individual. She loves to connect, network and collaborate with people, and finds real joy in praying for others. After 15 years on the job, she quit to enter the realm of entrepreneurship with her own business. Kimberly now makes a living while making a difference. She is now part of a cause, making equal justice under law a reality.