Dr. James  Wilde

Dr. James Wilde

James Wilde has been a professional archaeologist for 42 years. He started his career on the Chalcatzingo Project in central Mexico in 1973, and has worked throughout the western US and Alaska. He earned his PhD at the University of Oregon in 1985. He was an adjunct professor at BYU and directed their Office of Public Archaeology for 11 years. He moved to become a US Air Force archaeologist and cultural resources manager in 1994, and is now the Air Force's Cultural Resources Subject Matter Expert (SME), working out of Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. The Cultural Resources SME oversees three aspects of AF Cultural Resources Management: Archaeology on over 8 million acres in the continental US, Historic buildings and structures on 110 air bases and large ranges, and consultations with American Indian tribes, Alaska Native groups, and Native Hawaiian Organizations. Wilde has authored and co-authored many articles and monographs on his research in the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau