Crystal  Davis

Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis is an inspiration to all that have worn a military uniform. She joined the Army and trained in transportation alongside her friend, Pam Larson. She was subsequently deployed to duty in Iraq where she escorted convoys in a heavy duty towing vehicle. Her job was to move other damaged convoy vehicles out of the way of the rest of the equipment so the convoy could keep moving….and not sitting ducks for incoming fire from the enemy. In the course of her duty, her vehicle took a hit that cost Crystal her right leg and damaged her left leg so severely it was believed that she would never be able to use it effectively again. She is a recipient of the Purple Heart and a true warrior. For Crystal, the circumstance was only that, a circumstance. After a long recovery, including a stint at Walter Reed Army Hospital, she left the service to find herself with family responsibilities of raising her son. After seeing her in a documentary, Crystal was sought out by Wendi Day