Marvin L.  Gundy

Marvin L. Gundy

My name is Marvin L. Gundy, A.K.A MarvGenious; Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised mainly in the ills of Central Jersey. Growing up I have traveled my share of disenfranchised roads, which I am not ashamed to say. I have first-handedly witnessed the essence of the inner city peer pressures that majority of our young men and women face today. Therefore I see myself as seasoned in the field of “Ghettoed Life’s Endeavors”...If it were a scholarly study. Anyway, I have learned the Hard Knock way that continuous hard work pays off and short cuts can only produce faulty success at best. Through determination and attentive work I have successfully turned my life’s lessons into positive motivations for others. Helping young men and women find ways to overcome major setbacks and obstacles in order to advance in this game of life keeps me grounded. When I am not working or mentoring, I spend my time nurturing my children and running free youth clinics for young girls and boys willing to hope.