Ferre  Libanda

Ferre Libanda

34 years ago Libanda Mafelelezo Vicious, of the Mafwe tribe, was born in Makanga Village, in the Caprivi region of North Eastern Namibia. Like all young boys, he grew up going to school in the village while also working on his family’s farm. The Mafwe tribe is one of the major tribes in the region, and though there are other tribes in the area, the differences are seen more through dialect than lifestyle, particularly in a modernized Independent Namibia. Ferre’s voice is the voice of what’s important to important to all of us, that of equal opportunities for education, employment and business. And rather than politics becoming a dirty game where affiliations and loyalties take precedence over the ability for empowerment to create a future of which they are a part of, of repairing a system that is breaking down.