Austin  Szelkowski

Austin Szelkowski

Here’s a big little story. An eccentric boy is raised by a kind pastor and his wife in a small town in the Midwest. As a young man, he grows to reject the norms of society. As a result, he sets out on his own adventure into the unknown, wandering for years in the deserts of uncertainty. During his wandering, he endures many trials and completes many quests. His quests include rollerblading across America and building two successful marketing companies. Because of the skate across America, he is recognized by General Motors Institute as the 2011 Young Alumnus of the Year. Even after receiving this award, however, the young man continues to struggle with excessive rebellion and distrust toward society and relationships. Eventually, the young man is brought to his knees by an enlightenment that completely transforms him. He is given a mission to unleash new energies into the world (a New Renaissance). Work on his mission began in Ann Arbor, MI in early 2015. Stay tuned!