Dr. Shannon  South

Dr. Shannon South

Dr. Shannon South, “The Joy Doctor”, works with people to experience more joy and empowerment in life. She is the author of Love Wisdom: A Soul’s Journey to Wellness with a forward by Dr. Norman Shealy, Founder of The American Holistic Medical Association. 20,000 readers voted her “Best Therapist in Western NC for 2012” and over a half of a million voted her 3rd Best in 2013”. As an Amazon Best Selling Author, her co-authored book, Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life soared to #1 in the category of Hot New Releases for Happiness. Her latest books, Time for Me; From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet in 3 Simple Steps; and Igniting Your Soul Joy: A 3 Step Process to Permanently Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Compulsive Behavior offer life-changing keys to step into your most empowered and joyful self. She lives in Asheville, NC. To discover more joy in your life, take the free “Joy Magnet Quiz”: www.thejoymagnetquiz.com and www.drshannonsouth.com