Sandra  Squires

Sandra Squires

Sandra Squires is an extremely gifted intuitive & healer who has facilitated Intuitive Healing Readings for 25 years using several different systems, including an oracle system she developed working with Mother Earth & Animal Medicine. In addition to bringing insight & guidance, her readings also bring deep healing, helping you eliminate old belief systems to bring balance back into your relationships, career, health & abundance. Her vast background includes a wide range of personal development, spiritual & religious paths such as Native American, Shamanic, Hindu, Buddhism, & A Course in Miracles. Currently in residence at Creacon Lodge Healing Centre in Ireland, she facilitates & teaches workshops, readings & healings, including Meditation, Channeling, Developing Intuition, Marketing, Manifestation, Stress Management, Rising Star & Soul Retrieval, in person & via Skype with people all over the world. Contact her at or via