Jay  Golden

Jay Golden

After selling his first business just out of college, Jay embarked on a three-year journey, traveling to nearly 50 countries, working odd jobs, travel writing, and struggling to tell stories in a wide variety of languages. Finally tired of the road, Jay landed in a Sausalito attic in 1995 where he helped found one of the web’s first global learning sites, Learn2.com – which Yahoo! called “The Most Useful Site on the Internet.” As the social media universe continued to expand, Jay began to see that less attention was going to the center of it all: the ancient practice of storytelling. So, in 2009, Jay founded Wakingstar Storyworks (www.wakingstar.com), a creative agency dedicated to ununlocking the hidden power of transformation that lives inside every organization. Since then, he has crafted stories, led trainings, and coached leaders for dozens of the most innovative organizations in the world, including Facebook, Rainforest Action Network, Esalen Institute, LinkedIn and YouTube.