David  Gershon

David Gershon

David Gershon, co-founder/CEO of Empowerment Institute, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on behavior-change, community empowerment and large-system transformation. His clients include cities, large organizations, government agencies, and social entrepreneurs. Over the past 30 years, the empowerment programs he has designed have won many awards, and a major academic study described them as “unsurpassed in changing behavior.” He used this empowerment proficiency to conceive and organize at the height of the cold war, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund and ABC Television, the First Earth Run using the mythic power of relaying a torch of peace around the world to engage the participation of 25 million people in 62 countries in an act of global unity. David is the author of 11 books and has lectured at Harvard, MIT and Johns Hopkins and served as an advisor to the Clinton White House and the United Nations on behavior change and community empowerment issues.