Vicki  Draper

Vicki Draper

Vicki Draper, Healing Your Animal Expert Founder and creator of Healing Your Animal Exclusive Essence Collections For You and Your Animals Vicki’s mission is to help as many animals be as healthy as possible and as many animal guardians like you be as happy as possible. She is the voice for animals assisting understanding and harmony with you and your animal. She specializes in deepening your loving connection between you and your animal. She learned at an early age that while western medicine is good; it didn’t have all of the answers. At the age of 11, her kitten was given “2 days left to live” diagnosis. Vicki did what was natural to her and her kitten lived a vibrant healthy 16 more years. Since 1999, Vicki has devoted her time to facilitate healing with animals (believing there is a higher power involved) and dedicating her life to helping you have this special connection and quality of life together with your animals.