Dr. Daniel  Schavelzon

Dr. Daniel Schavelzon

Dr. Shavelzon founded and directed the Center for Urban Archaeology (FADU, UBA) since 1991, the Area of Urban Archaeology in the City Government of Buenos Aires since 1996 (currently under the Directorate General of Heritage) and the Foundation Area of Mendoza from 1988 and others. It has promoted the formation of research groups working in the country and in Latin America. He earned his degree in Architecture (University of Buenos Aires) in 1975, a Masters in Restoration of Monuments (The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México/National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico) in 1981, and a PhD (UNAM, Mexico) in 1984. His areas of work are historical archeology in urban areas has developed and promoted in Buenos Aires and elsewhere in the country and abroad; and also it works in conservation of cultural heritage, cultural policies and illegal trafficking in works of art. He has received several national awards for scientific output and his work on the national heritage.