Christine  Dernederlanden

Christine Dernederlanden

Christine Dernederlanden, C.T.S.S. is the award winning author of "Where is Robert?", the grief kit that aided over 6000 families affected by 9.11, “H.U.G.S.” Helping Children Understand Grief Sessions,” and “Where is My Courage?” A member of I.C.F., she empowers individuals as a Coach. She has created/facilitated grief camps for the U.N. Friendship Ambassadors, is one of Niagara’s most successful business women, and was a finalist for Woman of The Year and Entrepreneur of The Year. She has been honored with the Leadership and Communication Award from the T.P.S.O. and received a Certificate of Appreciation from U.S. Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. She has dealt with sensitive subjects for teaching, television, radio and has written for many publications including "Putting All My Problems In Perspective" (2001 Standard Literary Prize). She has appeared in movies, on T.V., and has modeled for over 20 years. She is proud to continue the family Corporation and is a proud mother of 3.