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Kathleen Mulligan

Kathleen Mulligan is an intuitive guide, transforming the lives of many through her inspirational Channel Heart Healings, Womb Healings, Rising Star and Prema Birthing Healings, NLP, and More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops. She is the founder and creator of the Channel Heart Healing Modality. Kathleen and Karen Mulligan are the co-founders/creators of Womb Heart Wisdom, a healing modality to empower the Womb of Creation. She is also a physical therapist and holistic health counselor, drawing on and utilizing many healing modalities in her practice to expedite her clients’ recovery. Kathleen facilitates a wide range of healing workshops, including the More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops, helping individuals to empower themselves through discussions, higher spiritual teachings, meditation and more. She works with individuals on many levels in a loving and compassionate way, empowering them to bring love, abundance and true joy into their lives. Visit