Christine  Payne-Towler

Christine Payne-Towler

Christine Payne-Towler is an esoteric researcher and practitioner. She wrote the interpretive Tarot text for Her first book The Underground Stream, Esoteric Tarot Revealed was released in 1999. Christine’s research articles and astrological analyses are on her blog site She appeared in Secrets of the Occult, a 2007 documentary exploring issues raised in the popular Dan Brown novels and dedicated to the magicians of the Renaissance. In 2011 Christine and Michael Dowers released Tarot of the Holy Light, voted the 6th best deck at Aeclectic Tarot. Christine has two videos under the title AstroTheology: The Thin Spindle of Necessity to help modern occultists understand the ancient roots of the esoteric arts. Her latest books are Tarot of the Holy Light; A Continental Esoteric Tarot and Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition. She can be reached for private consultations, presentations or interviews at 360.859.4857 and at